Object assessment by short range flights


  Assessment of facilities difficult to access or those in dangerous environments for humans using unmanned aerial vehicles – in comparison to conventional methods – offers a quick and cost-efficient solution. By the subsequent processing of the data of the various sensors – optical or other – or their real time display, the users can obtain a clear picture of the status of the land under assessment.

Possible fields of application:

  • Assessment of buildings and other objects
  • Quick mapping and observation of locations difficult to access
  • Support of disaster relief and police operations

  In this field, we perform antenna assessments for Hungary’s leading telecommunications service provider, during which we detected defects of insulation rings installed at heights. In comparison to the practice adopted in the past – using alpine technology – rotary wing unmanned aerial vehicles are now deployed to carry out the task with the regular operation of the control tower, in a fast, and last but not least, cost-efficient manner.

Area measurements

  By using the data of optical sensors placed onboard autonomous rigid wing aircraft – multispectral, RGB, NIR, IR cameras or other sensors – the remote sensing of large areas can be implemented. The real time information available during the mission allows quick and efficient decision making assistance, while the data collected and stored from the area make more complex analyses possible later on.
  In the course of cooperating with our expert partner of this particular field, the conceptual possibilities of detecting deforestation over large forested areas using unmanned airplanes has been demonstrated with test flights. Through the subsequent processing of aerial photographs, dried forest patches can be precisely located, allowing more efficient performance of forestry duties.

Possible fields of application:

  • State assessment of large buildings, dams, power lines, gas and oil pipelines
  • Support of meteorology, cartography, geodesy and agricultural production, mapping of the vegetation of large areas
  • Support of search and rescue operations, post-disaster damage assessment

Assessment of game damage and damage caused by inland water

 As an additional possibility of area assessment application, we conducted investigations over areas affected by game damage and inland water. The aim of the test was to provide farmers with data and information, based on which they can precisely establish the extent of any damage suffered and the size of the area affected.

Agricultural ICT research and development, agricultural application

  Measurement data collecting systems, sensors and intelligent decision-assisting systems able to process the collected data, which are already in use in many IT fields, are becoming increasingly common in agriculture as well. Today, automatic fleet management of machinery, such as digital follow-up of working hours and forwarding messages to smartphones upon error codes or other preset statuses is no longer unimaginable. In this IT and technological leap forward, the share of UAV may be increasingly larger. By using the system - considered a quick, efficient and cheap solution - producers may acquire information that they have previously tried to obtain from satellite images or aerial photographs taken from small aircraft.

  In order to justify the concept of an application capable of supporting precision agricultural production, we have carried out measurements on the agricultural area provided by our cooperating partner. By subsequent evaluation of the photographs, and by the use of various multispectral images, the current state of the crops cultivated and the various vegetation indices can be established. This up-to-date information may greatly help farmers to make the right professional and financial decisions. Information gained at trade fairs and fora, as well as our own experience allows us to continue on with developments that will make precision agriculture anespecially important field of application of unmanned aerial vehicles.

  A high resolution orthophotograph is prepared of a particular area as shown in the pictures. Depending on the type of the camera carried, photographs capable of sensing bands outside the visible light spectrum may also be made.

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