We currently have development competencies in the following fields

Software technology

  The monitoring and operation of a marketable system requires a well-conceived, easy to manage and flexibly configurable software environment with respect to user interfaces, service components and on-board software components. Our experts have many years of experience in software technology, and they further broadened this in the fields of mobile robotics and remote sensing in the course of the AMORES project. The expertise of the seasoned team of developers, the technologies and procedures developed may be used in projects of similar subjects.

Electronic technology

  The implementation of technical innovations, products and services would be impossible without the knowledge of highly complicated digital and analogous electronic system technologies (planning, production, assembly and calibration). The knowledge acquired by our experts earlier in this field – advanced further in the course of the AMORES project – has significant market potential. This world-class experience may be used in further electronics-related projects.

Unmanned aerial vehicles

  We gained the experience required to design, manufacture and develop aerial vehicles by building and flying conventional model airplanes. We relied on our experience of about 10 years to design our Observer aircraft, combining airplane modelling experience with the special requirements of serial production and automated flight. Know-how is available as a service to meet requirements of external customers, based on the most advanced design and production technology principles currently available in Hungary.

General machinery technology

  In an automatic aerial vehicle system, tasks of general mechanics must also be carried out, such as the catapult or the rotary stand of the terrestrial antenna. Being rugged is a key aspect for these constructions, therefore metalworking and related capabilities have a more significant role, acquiring which, intuitive and innovative solutions can be worked out in this field, too.


Automation, signal processing and algorithms

  Parallel to growing user requirements, increasingly fine-tuned algorithms are needed to control automated systems, the elaboration of which necessitates serious scientific research work. Professionals of AMORES have devised communication, navigation and control algorithms allowing the operation of robotics tools, and the principles required for the implementation of these, using their many years of experience and the latest scientific results. Further projects targeting communication, automation and robotics may be based on the achievements and the expertise of the team of researchers.

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